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C & L, C+L-band (Module)


The LiComm OFB-Bx2 series have been designed to provide very stable output power using the ASE(Amplified Spontaneous Emission) of Erbium Doped
Fiber The OFB-Bx2 series offer provide very stable optical output power over a wide operating temperature range, with significantly low er power consumption.


[OFB-BCM] C-band, Flattened spectrum, High output power, Compact


- High saturation output power up to 22dBm
- Very stable output power over a wide temperature range

- Compact size (140 x 120 x 27 mm)
- Serial communication interface
- +5V single power supply
- Low power consumption
- LV TTL compatible output alarms
- Automatic Output Level Control(ALC)


- Optical communication system
- Optical measurement system
- Optical sensing system

- Optical component spectral test
- System compliance test
- Optical fiber characterization test

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