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1550nm Pulsed Fiber Laser

1550nm 10μJ Pulsed Fiber Laser


1550nm 100μJ Pulsed Fiber Laser


The LiComm OXL-NCx series is a 1550nm Pulsed Fiber Laser Module with a driving and control circuitry packaged inside. The OXL-NCx series offers a high Beam quality and very stable output power.
Compact size, combined with extremely low power consumption, allows the OXL-NCx series to be highly suitable for applications such as LiDAR, Range finding, Remote sensing and more.


OFL-NCx Series[ns-Pulsed-EDFL]

OHL-NCC Series[ns-Pulsed-EDFL]


- Compact size

- Extremely low power consumption over wide operating temperature range

- Laser module including electric control circuit

- High output pulse energy

- Single mode beam quality

- APC (Automatic Power Control) or ACC (Automatic Current Control)

- Control & monitor by RS232

- TTL Alarm

- Single voltage power supply


- Range finding

- Distributed Fiber sensing

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