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1W Raman Amplifier


The LiComm ORA-WC4 series are designed for use in ultra-long haul, long haul and wide bandwidth DWDM system of core networks and metropolitan networks. The standard ORA-WC4 series offer flat gain bandwidth over C- band. Alternative wavelengths are possible for specific application.


Self-AGC, C-band Raman [ORA-BCM-AG Series]


- High output power/Flat Raman gain

- Integrated pump/signal multiplexer

- Included optical output power monitor

- Low effective noise figure

- Incorporate polarization

- Optical pump power monitor
- User friendly controlled interface

- Separately control pumps to optimize RFA

- GUI for controlling RFA (optional)
- Single +5 V power supply


- Ultra-long haul DWDM systems
- Long haul systems
- 10Gb/s & 40Gb/s transmission systems
- High channel count systems
- Increased length of spans between signal
- Remote amplifier pumping

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