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LiComm’s unique TOA EDFA is small enough to fit into CFP2 units. This world’s smallest and unique EDFA for Analog or Digital Coherent Optics ACO/ DCO, takes up little space as it fits into a CFP2 housing efficiently. It’s a fully functioning optical amplifier engine with VOA, TOF or both inside, or can include GFF.


Tail Optical Amplifier [TOA]


- Fit in CFP2 Housing
- Ultra compact size ( 39.3 x 24.8 x 6.2 mm )
- Full EDFA Gain Block include VOA, TOF ,VOA + TOF, GFF  (Optional)
- Full C-band operating wavelength range
- Extremely low power consumption over wide operating temperature range


- CFP2-ACO or CFP2-DCO of Coherent Transceiver