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The LiComm SOA is a full-functioning SOA module with control circuitry packaged inside. It is totally compatible with conventional half MSA package size and pin-map. Due to the small size and easy installation, the SOA is designed for amplification of optical signals at 1310nm in fiber opticcommunications system in high speed datacenter, core networks, access and CATV networks.


O/S/C-band Optical Amplifier [OSA-TxM Series]


- Conventional half MSA compatible size and pin map
- Cost efficiency with Small sized type
- SOA module including micro process control circuit
- 1310 nm SOA module
- Extremely lower the heat generation
- High saturation output power up to 6.5dBm
- Selectable Output Power
- APC (Automatic Power Control; Default) with FLS (Forced Laser Shutdown)
- Control & monitoring by I2C
- LVTTL Alarm
- Single + 3.3 V power supply


- High Speed Data Center Network
- 100G or higher speed Channel Amplifier
- Reach Extension for L2/L3 Ethernet Switch
- RF over Fiber Network
- PON System
- CATV Networks

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