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The world first pluggable QSFP-EDFA, QOA is a full-functioning EDFA module with control circuitry packaged inside. It is totally compatible with conventional QSFP optical transceiver in respect of size and pin-map. Due to the small size and easy installation, the QOA is designed for amplification of optical signals at C-band in fiber optic communications system in high speed datacenter, core networks, access and CATV networks.


QSFP-EDFA [Pluggable EDFA Series]


- Conventional QSFP compatible size and pin map

- Cost efficiency with pluggable type

- Space efficiency using remaining slot (No extra equipment required)

- EDFA module including micro process control circuit

- Uncooled 980 nm pump laser module

- Extremely low heat generation

- High saturation output power up to +19dBm

- Selectable Output Power

- APC (Automatic Power Control; Default) or AGC(Automatic Gain Control; Optional) with FLS (Forced Laser Shutdown)

- Control & monitoring by I2C

- LVTTL Alarm

- Single + 3.3 V power supply

- Support Multi-Channel with Gain Flatness Filter


- High Speed Data Center Network
- 100G or higher speed Channel Amplifier
- Reach Extension for L2/L3 Ethernet Switch
- RF over Fiber Network
- Power Boosting and Pre-emphasis Amplifier for DWDM Metro System
- ROADM System

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