The LiComm Pulsed EDFA series is full-functioning EDFA module with micro control circuit inside. It is designed for a single wavelength and pulsed signal input. The Pulsed EDFA series provides very stable output pulse power up to average 200mW and suppressed noise in C-band over wide operating temperature range.


OFA-NCC-Series [ns-Pulsed_EDFA]


- Compact size with Circular Shape or Rectangular Shape

- 980nm pump laser module

- Extremely low power consumption over wide operating temperature range

- EDFA module including micro process control circuit

- High average output power up to 200mW

- Low noise figure

- ACC (Automatic Current Control), APC(Automatic Power Control) or AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

- Control & monitoring by R232

- LVTTL Alarm

- Single + 3.3V power supply


LIDAR System

- Range Finder

- Telemetry System

- Fiber Sensor System

- 3D Scanning

- OTDR System

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