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Pulsed EYDFA


The LiComm high power pulsed EYDFA, OHA-NC2 series, is the densely integrated, compact size, ultra high power optical fiber amplifier. The state of the art technology of clad pumping in Er/Yb co-doped amplifying fiber is applied to the optical module for cost sensitive customers with limited space.


OHA-NC2 Series [ns-Pulsed-EYDFA]


Compact size 65 x 160 x 20mm

- Uncooled 980nm pump laser module

-Low power consumption over wide operating temperature range

- EYDFA module including micro process control circuit

- High average output power up to 2000mW

- Low noise figure

- ACC (Automatic Current Control)

- Control & monitoring by R232

- TTL Alarm

- Single + 5V power supply


LIDAR System

- Range Finder

- Telemetry System

- Fiber Sensor System

- 3D Scanning

- OTDR System

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