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The LiComm High Power EDFA OHA-CCD-Series is LiComm optical amplifier module housed in 19” in shelf with power supply inside. Cladding pump technology uses erbium/ytterbium fiber optic assemblies to produce cost effective. The OHA-CCD-Series is suitable for CATV application or PON (Passive Optical Networks) that requires stand-alone operation. Also multiple output ports, such as 8, 16 ports, are available in the OHA-CCD. Front panel of OHA-CCD-Series provides a LCD panel for amplifier operation ,monitoring and control buttons for power on/off. RS232 and SNMP interface enable remote monitoring and control from PC. Either

AC 100 ~ 240 or DC -48 volt are available for power supply.


35dBm,EYDFA, 19" 1U, Multi Ports, SNMP, AC or -48 DC [OHA-CCS Series]


- Including electric control circuit

- CATV-network-proven low noise figure and superb non–linearity performance

- High output power up to 37dBm
- Wide input dynamic range
- Low noise figure
- Easy operation

- APC (Automatic Power Control) or AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
- Control & monitor with RS232, SNMP

- Either AV110 ~ 240volt(standard) or DC -48 volt power supply


- PON (passive optical networks) and FTTH
- CATV network
  · Power booster, Line Amp
  · Distribution, Supertrunking

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