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CATV-EYDFA (shelf)

The LiComm OHA-CCS series is the compact 19” 1U shelf type, high output power amplifier, inside of which an optical amplifier module and a power supply are included. The 1U height make it possible for the customer to save the system space and increase the number of system on the same space.


35dBm,EYDFA, 19" 1U, Multi Ports, SNMP, AC or -48 DC [OHA-CCS Series]

38dBm, EYDFA, 19" Multi-ports, SNMP, AC or -48 DC [OHA-CCD Series]


- High output power up to 35dBm
- Wide input dynamic range
- Low noise figure
- CATV-network-proven low noise figure and
 superb non–linearity performance
- Easy operation by Web GUI
- SNMP version3.0
- Local Control & monitor with RS232, LCD & Key-
- APC (Automatic Power Control)
- Either AV110 ~ 220volt(standard) or DC -48 volt
 power supply is optional


- PON (passive optical networks) and FTTH
- CATV network
  · Power booster, Line Amp
  · Distribution, Multi-branching

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