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Business Principles

 LiComm develops and manufactures key optical components and modules such as optical amplifiers, analog optical transceivers in CATV, SONET, WDM, and FTTH networks.
 LiComm is proud of its state-of-art mass production technologies, that is computer-controlled process automation, for optical amplifiers and transceivers, allowing itself to compete against 1-tier competitors as well as against the low labor cost region manufacturers by ensuring product reliability and performance repeatability. 
 Based on success in S. Korean domestic market, LiComm has been trying to reach customers in Japan, North America, and EU countries. 
 LiComm has been certified with ISO 14000 and TL 9000 and its shelf type EDFAs received CE certification for customers in EU. 
 Those certifications prove that LiComm established and maintains its complete quality control systems and international standard production systems, which help us hear high reputation from domestic and oversea customers.

core competences


World-best Performance Stringent Quality Management Automatic Production

(Repeatability & Reliability)


Timely Delivery and Fast Turn Around for New Design Volume production Capacity based on Automatic Production


Common Platform Design Economy of Scale

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