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The LiComm OFA-Wx2-AG series is designed for use in high-performance and wide bandwidth DWDM system of core networks and metropolitan networks. The OFA-Wx2-AG offers high saturated output power, wide flat gain range, high gain, low noise figure, and AGC (Automatic gain Control) features. Excellent transient suppression capability of the OFA-Wx2-AG series, developed by LiComm’s EDFA control circuit experts, provides sub milli second over-shoot and under-shoot gain control in order to prevent degradation of transmission quality in channel add drop and routing path change.


DWDM EDFA [OFA-Wx2-AG Series] [OFA-WC2 Series]

DWDM EDFA [OFA-Wx2-SG Series] [OFA-WC2 Series]


- Fast transient suppression

- Integrated electric control circuit

- High output power up to 24dBm

- Wide flat wavelength range and excellent gain flatness
- Wide input dynamic range
- Low noise figure
- Add/Drop OSC or OTDR Filter (optional)

- Input/Output optical power monitoring Port (optional)
- AGC (Automatic Gain Control) or APC (Automatic Power Control)

- Convenient system interface (RS232)
- Single +5V power supply


- Booster Amplifier for wide node loss distribution

- 100G DWDM OADM & long haul networks

   · Booster, In-line, Pre-Amp.
- 400G or Higher Bit Rate DWDM OADM & long haul networks

   · Booster, In-line, Pre-Amp.

- OADM access network

- LANs and MANs

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