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20km LRF


The LiComm Laser Range Finder OFL-LCM-20CP is a full-functioning Range Finder with control circuitry packaged inside.  The OFL-LCM-20CP offers exceeding shooting times as its unique all fiber laser technology.

The OFL-LCM-20CP has a capability of finding up to 20km distance object and calculating accurate distance.


OFL-LCM-20CP [Fiber-LRF]


- Compact size (300 x 170 X 155 mm)

- High reliability and exceeding shooting times

- High repeat rate

- Negligible maintenance Cost

- Maximum measuring range up to 20km

- Laser module including electric control circuit

- Measuring resolution min. 2.5m

- Control & monitor by RS232 or RS422

- Single + 28V power supply


- Moving target Range finding

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