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1080nm 3kW CW Fiber Laser


LiComm CWB Series is a lineup of single-mode rackmount fiber lasers that offers high power, high beam quality, high energy density, and high reliability. The available CW output range is selectable from 500W to 3kW, and can be modulated up to 50kHz. This rack-mounted product is easy to install in various spaces, works with processing equipment, and is easy to use. It can be used in various fields such as welding, precision cutting, drilling, cleaning, and 3D printing.


kW Fiber Laser [CWB Series]


- Compact size (480 x 650 x 87mm) for OFL-CYG-20AC

- Average Output Power up to 3kW 

- 1080nm laser wavelength

- CW/modulation

- Modulation up to 50kHz

- Beam Parameter Product ≥ 0.45

- Easy to install

- Maintenance free


- Welding

- Cutting

- Drilling

- Surface Treatment

- Micro-processing

- 3D Printing

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