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1.5kW 1080nm Fiber Laser


The LiComm OFL-CYM series is a 1080nm High Power Fiber Laser module with a driving and control circuitry packaged inside.  The OFL-CYM series lasers offer very high Beam quality and stable output power up to Mean Optical Power 1.5kW. Compact size (400 x 560 X 73 mm), combined with extremely low power consumption, allows the OFL-CYM series to be highly suitable for applications such as Welding, Cutting, Marking and more.




- Compact size (400 x 560 x 73mm)

- Laser module including electric control circuit

- High output power up to mean power 1.5kW

- Excellent beam quality: BPP < 1.5 mm mrad

- Wide input dynamic range

- APC (Automatic Power Control) or ACC (Automatic Current Control)

- Control & monitor by RS232

- TTL Alarm

- Single +53V power supply


- Welding
- Cutting

- Marking

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