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3kW 1080nm Fiber Laser


The LiComm OFL-CYR series is a 1080nm High Power Fiber Laser System with max. 3 Laser modules, a laser combiner , power supply, cooling distributor, and a control unit.  The OFL-CYR series lasers offer high Beam quality and stable output power up to Mean Optical Power 3kW.




- Rack Type (WxLXH = 800 x 750 x 1050)

- Max. 1kW Laser Module  x 3

- High output power up to mean power 3kW

- Excellent beam quality: BPP < 3 mm mrad

- Easy local Control on front panel (Button & LED)

- Remote Control & monitor by Ethernet

- Cooling by Water

- 3 Phases AC220V power input


- Cutting

- Drilling

- Welding

- Marking

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