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Donor & Remote Optical Module


The DOU, ROU is a linear, low noise, high performance, broadband optical transceiver designed for fiber optic wireless systems and RF applications. The frequency response is 50 MHz to 4200 MHz over single mode fiber. An internal WDM(CWDM optional) permits bidirectional transmission using a single fiber.


DAS Optical Module


- Supports multi-band / multi-operator solutions

- Optical Transceiver for 50MHz-4.2GHz Bandwidth Wireless Systems

- Bidirectional Transmission with 1.3 and 1.5μm DFB Lasers

- High Dynamic Range and Low Noise RF Front-End

- Automatic Optical Power Control

- Enables Simple Repeater Structure : ex) Automatic RF Gain Control is included in RF Optical Transceiver

- Including FSK Modem and RF Attenuator


- VHF / UHF / PCS / CDMA / GSM / 2G / 3G / LTE / Wimax / CBND

- In- building/Subway Systems
- DAS System

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