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Optical Transmitter


The OCT-10xx is designed for forward path transmission of 1550 nm optical signal. Analogue video signal, QAM digital video signal, and QAM digital data signal are fed into the input of the OCT-10xx and converted into 1550nm optical signal and transmitted to HFC/CATV networks.

The OCT-10xx has one RF input port and one 10mW optical output port. Through LEDs and LCD display in the front panel, user can monitor input RF signal status as well as LD (Laser Diode) status.


[Fiber Optical RF Unit (for U)] Optical CATV Transmitter


- 1550nm wavelength
- Transmits wide bandwidth of 47 MHz – 1002 MHz
- Very low inter-modulations
- Internal proprietary impedance match circuitry (75Ω)
- Transmit analog (CATV) video signal and digital data signal
- MGC (Manual Gain Control) and AGC (Auto Gain Control) function

- LCD and LED display to monitor current operating status

- Superior CNR, CSO and CTB performances
- RF test port in the front panel for input RF signal monitoring
- Front panel buttons for convenient control/monitoring
- Built-in TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler) controller
- Provided 19’ 1U Rack
- Dual Power Supply Unit (AC or -48VDC)
- SNMP network management interface


- CATV broadcastingsystem
- Video overlay in passive optical networks (PON)

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