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Optical Fiber Amplifier


The Standard EDFA OFA-CCR series is a full-functioning EDFA module with control circuitry packaged inside. It is designed for a single wavelength and narrow band fiber optic communications system in core networks, access networks, or CATV networks.
The OFA-CCR series provides very stable output power up to 25dBm and noise figure of less than 6dB in C-band over wide operating temperature range.


[Fiber Optical RF Unit (for U)] Optical CATV Optical Fiber Amplifier (OFA-CCR Series)


- Including electric control circuits
- CATV-network-proven low noise figure and superb non–linearity performance
- High output power up to 26dBm
- Wide input dynamic range
- Low noise figure
- Input QAM Filter is available (Optional)
- Output Tri-plex Filter or Quad-plex Filter is available (Optional)

- Output Monitor Port is available (Optional)
- Easy operation
- APC (Automatic Power Control)
- Control & monitor with R232
- DC 12V Power Supply


- PON ( passive optical networks) and FTTH

- CATV network

  · Power booster, Line Amp

  · Distribution, Supertrunking

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