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4U Shelf


Integrated Shelf-ForU platform is for a full-functioning Radio Frequency over Glass system. The platform includes video transmission, data transmission and also provides the physical interface to various FTTH system.

The OCT series is designed for forward path transmission of 1550nm optical signal. Analogue video signal, QAM digital video signal, and QAM digital data signal are fed into the input of the OCT series and converted into 1550nm optical signal and transmitted to HFC/CATV networks.


[Fiber Optic RF Units] for U


- Multi function shelf for EDFA, Transmitter & CMTS Receiver

- CATV-network-proven low noise figure and suppressed non– linearity performance
- Quad output ports with quad filter for PON & Return path

- Designed for CMTS forward/return path applications.
- RF test port in the front panel for input RF signal monitoring

- Control & monitor with RS232, SNMP
- AV110 ~ 245volt(standard) or DC -48 volt power supply


- Optical CATV with CMTS & PON CATV networks

  ・ Power booster, ONU

  ・ Distribution, Super trunk
- CATV broadcastingsystems
- Receiver module for optical CATV network in HFC and FTTx nodes

- Video overlay in passive optical networks (PON)

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