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Switchable Diplexer Module


LRFS-0858D supports Docsis3.0 and Docsis3.1.
Low Mode and High Mode can be selected using the built-in switch.
In Low Mode, Up Stream 5~85 / Down Stream 108~1218MHz are supported. In High mode, Up Stream 5~204 / Down Stream 258~1218MHz are supported. In addition to the series in the table below, custom designs are also available. And we can provide technical support for impedance matching if required.


[Diplexer Modules (LRFS Series)] Switchable Diplexer


- 75ohm SMD-Type

- Compact Size
- Low Insertion Loss
- High Rejection
- Easy Installation & Exchange

- Low Price

- Impedance Matching Support

- Custom Design Available


- Digital Set Top Box
- Cable Modem
- Residential Gateway

- Video And Audio Equipment

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