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+36dBmV/ch RF-ONU


The ORS-1561-S1 converts optical signals in the CATV downstream 1550nm band into middle output RF signals and transmits Burst-mode optical signals for Uplink RF signals. So, it can provide low-cost solution for Mini-node distribution network operators to increase system efficiency.


[Fiber Optical RF Unit (for U)] Transceiver In-Building node


- Support for frequency band conversion function via S/W (DOCSIS 3.0 support)

- U/L Burst mode support

- Wide bandwidth and middle output of D/L RF signal 54/108MHz ~ 1002MHz , 1port 36~38dBmV/1002MHz

- D/L RF Automatic Gain Adjustment (AGC) function

- D/L Slop: 8 dB (PAD Type_Variable)

- D/L RF output port and D/L output T.P. support (-20 dB)

- Wide optical input power: -6 dBm to 0 dBm

- Excellent distortion properties with high linearity

- U/L RF input port and U/L output T.P. support (-20 dB)

- Display ONU status information (LED display)

- RoHS-enabled products


- Receiver module for CATV network in HFC and RFoG nodes

- Video overlay in passive optical networks (PON)

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